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Smokitaly B2B brings you the best of Italian Electronic Cigarette, Luxury Electronic Cigarettes, Drip Tips, Accessories and Italian E-Liquid for 2.0 Vapers. A great Wholesale of Perfect Electronic Cigarettes and best Accessories and e-liquid. First class Technology, raw materials of great quality, Safe and Ecologic Products with a touch of “Italian Style”!

Smokitaly Evolution Program


A Managed italian ecigs Manufacturingg Process taking your company to get Electronic Cigarettes and Accessories 100 Made in Italy!
Smokitaly will help you to choose the right option to create your 100% made in Italy product.


Smokitaly cigarette OEM program will help you to create something unique, 100% high quality and certificated under European high quality standard health and safety laboratories; as well as assisted with complex product changeovers. The best italian ecigs manufacturing!


Contact us. We will proceed with a strict NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) so your ideas, patents and contact are protected.. then we will discuss the potential of your business with a “100% Made in Italy” flavour!

Italian E-Cigarettes

All Electronic Cigarettes in this store are guaranteed 100% designed and manufactured in Italy.
Italian Electronic Cigarettes represent, in the specific field of “alternative smoking”, the ability of Italian designers and Engineers to concept and develop innovative and stylish products.

All our E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids respect the strict european regulations about safety.

2 Years EU Warranty

In the countries that are part of the European Union the standard product warranty is 2 years. For all other countries the warranty is 1 year.

No more few months or even few days warranty! In the event of a defective product or part of it we guarantee its replacement. You will pay the mere shipping charges. the perfect electronic cigarette at best conditions!

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In this store you can find innovative and valuable Italian Electronic Cigarette products, whose number will increase over time.

Come back often to visit us to check new e-cigarette brands. For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer as soon as possibile!

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